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:: Work-Room

The work-room is currently empty.  The previous work in progress, The Dog of the North, is now complete and has its own page on this site.  Other projects exist, largely in my head at this stage.  They are likely to mean little to the casual reader, but just to whet the appetite:


I have been fascinated by ancient maps in recent years, and this story, set once again on Mondia, will follow the adventurers of a reluctant cartographer as he navigates not only the seas but the political currents of the corrupt oligarchy who rule Taratanallos, the Masavory.

"The City of Green Glass"

This is the story of the "Cataclysm of the East", explaining how magic came to be outlawed in Mondia.  A direct sequel to The Dog of the North, it also explains some of the background to Dragonchaser.  

"The Battlecats of Sey"

A much more nebulous idea, this story looks at the lives of the breeders of Sey battlecats, whose pelts are worth pound for pound more than gold. 

"The Steam Legions"

This idea is not so much fantasy as alternate history.  What would have happened if the Romans, who had developed toy steam engines, had harnessed their power?  In this story, we visit a Roman Empire whose legions are powered by steam.

Not in progress, and never likely to be

Despite the occasional rumour to the contrary, I am not planning a sequel to The Zael Inheritance.  I left the story with many loose ends: these reflected neither incompetence nor the desire to create a series.  Those ends which are loose - particularly the major romantic theme - are loose by design.


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