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The Vance Integral Edition began in 1999.  The final books are scheduled for delivery in early 2005.


The Zael Inheritance


The Dog of the North

The Storm and the Cave

The Betrayal

Granny Gaes Car Booting

Setting the Standard




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:: Pictures from France

I only took my camera to one of the many Vance Integral Edition meetings in France.  These are some of the best shots.  Thanks also to Koen Vyverman and Bob Luckin for the use of their images.

Tim, Danielle and Sue dine in style at La Giraudiere.  (Picture by Sandy Friefeld)




Chinon, taken from the mediaeval chateau

The gang debate The Star King.  From left, clockwise: Tim Stretton, Thomas Rydbeck, Bob Lacovara, Steve Sherman, Rob Friefeld, Paul Rhoads, Alun Hughes.  (Picture by Bob Luckin).

One of the many chateaux of the Loire Valley.  Le Coudre taken from St Louand.

Paul's wife Genevieve Bonnet-Walther is a wonderful painter.  This portrait illustrates her work.

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