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The links below have no common theme.  They are sites I have found useful, interesting, or both.  If you have found this site in any way absorbing, your tastes may well stretch to enjoyment of these links.

Vance Integral Edition

A truly amazing enterprise to preserve the literary heritage of Jack Vance.  Much of the useful content of this page has been removed, and a far better overview of the project can be found at:


Foreverness is invaluable for the tyro who wants to learn more about Vance's incredible oeuvre "Green Magic", one of his best short stories, is included on the site, as well as several first chapters; but it is also useful for the Vance scholar, including as it does the searchable "TOTALITY" database of all Vance's texts, and the Cosmopolis and Extant e-zines which consider all aspects of Vance's work and the Vance Integral Edition project.

The Phrontistery

A site devoted to the joy of words, the more obscure the better.  A delight!


A compendium of dictionaries with a useful 'reverse definition' feature.

Ralan's Webstravaganza

An invaluable guide to publishing for the aspiring SF/F writer


Interested in names and onomastics?  These sites are worth checking out:

Behind the Name

Kate Monk's Onomastikon


Refreshingly practical NLP training

Practical NLP training for people who like to think for themselves - in the New Forest National Park and in Swanage on Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

If you haven't heard of NLP, my website probably isn't the place to start; if you have, this is great site run by great trainers.




::Ten Great Books March 2006

My reading list posted here for the past eighteen months has become rather stale.  Instead, I present a simple exercise: pick my ten favourite books.  I have adopted the convention that no author may feature more than once.  It was hard enough to pick ten, so I have not chosen to rank them within that list.  All ten are equal.  They do not represent my idea of the ten best books ever written, a project too worthy to be fun.  These are just ten books I have especially enjoyed.  Some I have read endless times (Lyonesse, Pride and Prejudice, Byzantium, Augustus); some, two or three (My Cousin Rachel, The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, The Persian Boy, The Quincunx, Master and Commander); and one that made such an impression that I unhesitatingly count them it my favourites despite a single read (The Time -Traveller's Wife).

Interestingly, I find that five out of the ten are historical novels (to take a very broad view of Lyonesse); another one is real history, one is from the 19th century. However, five were written within the last thirty years, so my tastes are not irredeemably old-fashioned...

Do you agree with my choices?  I'm sure you don't.  What would you pick instead?

1. Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

2. My Cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier

3. Augustus Allan Massie

4. The Miracle of Castel di Sangro  Joe McGuinness

5. The Time-Traveller's Wife Audrey Niffenegger

6. Byzantium John Julius Norwich

7. Master and Commander Patrick O'Brian

8. The Quincinx Charles Palliser

9. The Persian Boy Mary Renault

10. Lyonesse Jack Vance

Honourable mentions go to Bleak House (Charles Dickens), The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler), LA Confidential (James Ellroy), Beyond a Boundary (CLR James), The War Hound and the World's Pain (Michael Moorcock), The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins), Tender is the Night (F Scott Fitzgerald), Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), Inversions (Iain M Banks), Girl with a Pearl Earring (Tracy Chevalier), Lucky Jim (Kingsley Amis), Midnight's Children (Salman Rushdie), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Muriel Spark), Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann), Point Blank (Richard Stark)





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