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::Maps of Mondia

Map created in Fractal Terrains Pro, post-work in PhotoFiltre.  The font is Calligraph421 BT.  Click on the thubmnail for a larger image

The Spelio Map

The Spelio Map is the first accurate map of Mondia.  Created by the Taratanallos merchant Iohannes Spelter and his son (also Iohannes), it reflects the new-found confidence of the merchant class, willing to roam the length of the continent to find a market for its goods.  It also demonstrates early signs of national identity, emphasising regional names over cities.  Only Taratanallos, Vasi Vasar and Mettingloom are shown; significantly, the rival city of Emmen is omitted altogether.

The Marthambles

The Marthambles is the name for the two narrow spits of land which join Garganet to Lynnoc (and popularly, though incorrectly, for the narrowest section of the northern spit).  The Marthambles have featured heavily in the history of Mondia, since anyone wishing to invade Garganet by land must take their army via this route. 

Both spits are studded with fortresses, and invasions have been rare.  The ‘War of the Marthambles’ (1171-72) occurred when the Emmen King Enguerran attempted to invade along the Ossion Spit, only to find his army trapped in front by Garganet forces and behind by a Gammerling war party.  The Gammerling king Ingomer V took advantage of the situation to besiege Emmen itself – an audacious stroke which failed only when Ingomer’s brother Lothar attempted a coup d’etat which required the immediate lifting of the siege. 

The War of the Marthambles marked the final breakdown in relations between the Emmenrule and Gammerling.  The result was the War of the Old Craft, concluding, of course, with the ‘Cataclysm of the East’ and the proscription of the Old Craft and its practitioners.

Map in the Spelio style. 


Modern Maps

These maps represent the height of Mondian mapmaking.  Simultaneously decorative and accurate, they are in the Garganet style.

The Kingdoms of Mondia


The Cities of Mondia

Mondia - the Northern Reach and the Duchy of Lynnoc


Mondia - Lynnoc, the Emmenrule, Garganet and Gammerling

Mondia - Gammerling, Aylissia and Paladria

Mondia is the largest continent on its world

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